Little Women: Is Fritz or Amy more hated?

Anonymous asked:

Do you think Fritz or Amy is more hated?

Unfortunately, after the 2019 film and Greta Gerwig twisting the narrative of the novel for her own advantage, Friedrich.

Her racist statements about him being German. Saying that Jo was forced to marry, is inaccurate. LMA gave Jo the ending she wanted for herself.

Gerwig completely erased the real-life stories between LMA loving Henry Thoreau and rejecting Laddie Wisniewski, in order to sell her narrative with fake news.

A lot of people liked Amy in the 2019 film, but because of the above, twisting Jo´s storyline and erasing her growth, people also missed the strength of Amy´s and Laurie´s relationship since his and Jo´s character arcs weren´t there.

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