I created my first meditation and now I feel at peace


One of the things that people have always said to me is that “you know your voice is very calming and soothing”. It is funny because when I was a child I didn´t really like my voice, which is very common.

I host two different podcasts, a youtube channel and might even call myself an auworker.

I very recently joined insight timer, which is an app where you can listen to free (and paid) meditations as much as you like (this post is not sponsored by them or anyone else).

I thought this could be a good way to land into the world of meditation because people who use the app are already looking for new meditations to listen to.

So what happened when I recorded my first meditation? did I find inner peace and felt a magical connection with the universe?

It did make me feel very peaceful.

I felt very centred and relaxed

and much happier.

Recording meditations had been on my mind for a long time. I ´v had an interest in mindfulness practices and holistic healing for years, but it was only now that I had enough courage to record a meditation and felt comfortable enough to put it out there.

In the west, we see meditation as a tool to relax our busy over-worked minds. to find clarity and inner peace. In the homelands of meditation practices in Asia, meditation was developed for humans to connect with the universe, with the divine.

I actually find both of these philosophies good and valuable. one doesn´t need to be religious or spiritual to meditate and if a person is spiritual meditation can help them to have a stronger connection with the divine.

Have you ever created a meditation? or have you meditated yourself? I´d be interested to hear about your experiences.

You can listen to my meditations and bedtime story readings here.

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