How To Paint Princess Jasmine With Watercolors

Do You Like Princess Jasmine?

The 1993 Disney animation was one of my childhood favourite movies, and I always admired the brave and beautiful Princess Jasmine.

What You´ll Need

  • Pencils for sketching
  • A3 11/16 inch watercolour paper, thickness 300 lbs (the label I mostly use is Seawhite & Brighton)
  • Two jars of water
  • Windsor and Newton watercolours
  • Watercolour paintbrushes size 3–6

1. Make The Sketch

First, I did the initial sketch. I used the scene where Jasmine enters the marketplace as a reference.

2. Add The Background Color

Paint the background with burned umber. I mixed the colour myself using cadmium yellow, sinoper red, and a little bit of Prussian blue.

Watercolor Painting Tip

​When you paint with watercolours, it is recommended to start with the lighter colours and then move on to the darker ones.

3. Mix The Skin Color

Jasmine has a beautiful olive-coloured skin complexion. Unfortunately, my camera didn't manage to capture it very well. To match it, I mixed yellow, red, brown, and white. Because Jasmine is an animated character, I can´t play too much with the shadows of the skin. Instead, I painted the skin to look smooth like in the animation. Then, I painted her beautiful dark-brown eyes.

4. Work On The Veil And The Earrings

Her veil is ochre yellow. To make the colour, mix browns and different shades of yellow together.

To paint the golden earrings, use the same ochre colour but just add hints of orange and red to it.

5. Paint The Lips, Hair and Makeup

Paint her lips with sinoper red, and use a mixture of black and dark brown for her hair and makeup. To make the skin look softer, use a lighter shade of brown to paint the lines.

Check out the video tutorial:

Will You Try Painting Princess Jasmine?

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and have a great time exploring the world of watercolours!

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