Anonymous asked: Is there any other sexy scenes between Jo and Fritz?


To be honest I think Jo´s whole time in New York represents her sexual awakening with the sweet German. When she first sees him, she is completely enthralled by what she sees. In the boarding house, Friedrich´s…

What You´ll Need

  • Flat glass bottle
  • Sponge
  • Black candle of black beeswax
  • Large bead
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Matches
  • Adhesive glue
  • Label
  • Printer/pen

Getting Started

I was born in northern Finland, so I’ve had the privilege of seeing the northern lights several times in my life. They never fail to impress me. In this tutorial, I will show you how I paint the northern lights with watercolours and how you can paint them as well.

What You´ll Need

Anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you know who was an inspiration for the character of Friedrich Bhaer? Thank you.

Friedrich is a mixed character who was inspired by a lot of…

Podcast Transcript Part 8.

I will end this with an analysis from blogger @wondertrevor I will put all the links to the sources.

I just saw someone say that “Meg names her daughter Daisy, like the nickname she was given at Sallie Moffat’s coming out party, and this proves that…


The autumn time holidays are pretty similar in the Baltic countries such as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In Latvia festival, Abjumidas began the autumn season. Abjumidas was celebrated to honour the god Jumis. …

Anonymous asked:

Hello!! This is most definitely a bit basic but I was wondering who your favourite on-screen rendition of Jo was based on the acting??

Here is my answer:

This is a tough one. Acting-wise I think I´ll go with Winona Ryder. She and Claire Danes were very close…


Vélinés is the Lithuanian celebration f vélés the spirits. It begins after the autumn equinox and lasts until the end of October or the beginning of November. During this time not only in the immediate family remembered but also the more distant ancestors. The dead leave for another world —…

Here is My answer:

How I feel about this character

When I was a child Beth was my favourite of the March sisters and the one who I identified the most. I was really shy, had social anxiety, loved cats and loved my dolls and toys. I have been re-reading…

Niina's Fairychamber

Illustrator, writer and a folklorist. Likes cats, tea and period dramas. Currently writing a book about Finnish mythology. A host of the Little Women Podcast.

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