(In Finnish Mythology)

Päivätär and Kuutar

​Päivätär and Kuutar are part of Finno-Baltic folklore. Päivätär is the goddess of the sun and Kuutar is the goddess of the moon. In Finnish mythology, Päivätär and Kuutar are sisters and spinner goddesses. Sisters weave the web of life which connects the dreams and wishes of…

Horagállis god of thunder

​Saami people the indigenous people of northern Europe had several deities who they worshipped and their belief system was animistic. They believed that everything in nature had life and spirit inside them. Many of the Saami deities were not personified as humans but were seen as invisible forces of nature…

Do You Like Princess Jasmine?

The 1993 Disney animation was one of my childhood favourite movies, and I always admired the brave and beautiful Princess Jasmine.

What You´ll Need

  • Pencils for sketching
  • A3 11/16 inch watercolour paper, thickness 300 lbs (the label I mostly use is Seawhite & Brighton)
  • Two jars of water
  • Windsor and Newton watercolours
  • Watercolour…

First literal versions of Snow White

Snow White is one of the youngest European fairy tales. The most famous version of Snow White was written by the Brothers Grimm but there were stories about ladies sleeping in glass coffins told in the earlier literature as well.

In the 1630´s Naples Italian author Giambattista Basile wrote a story…

(In Finnish Mythology)

In archaeological excavations done in Karelia, a child was found and its body was laying upon a wing of a swan. In Finnish mythology and folklore, the swan was the divine messenger between the living and the dead. The Finnish name for the swan joutsen comes from the word jousi

Akka the Earth Goddess

In Finnish mythology, Akka was the personification of the earth. She was also known as Rauni coming from the Swedish word rönn (rowan tree). Rowan trees were Akka´s sacred trees. Akka in modern Finnish means an old woman but in pre-written times Akka was an old Finnish expression for a…

I am happy and delighted to share my thoughts on Lorraine Tosiello´s brand new book “Only Gossip Prospers”.

Lorraine Tosiello read Alcott’s Little Women in the first grade — and re-read it again and again throughout most of her childhood. The book equipped her to set off on a journey…

Niina's Fairychamber

Illustrator, writer and a folklorist. Likes cats, tea and period dramas. Currently writing a book about Finnish mythology. A host of the Little Women Podcast.

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