Louisa met Ladislas “Laddie” Wisniewski in Switzerland when she was working as a companion for an invalid woman called Anna Weld. Laddie was a 21-year-old composer from Poland. He was very charming and he called Louisa his “little mama”. He had tuberculosis and Louisa nursed him. Louisa was a trained nurse. He was flirting with Louisa. Something happened between Ladislas and Miss Weld. They got into an argument. Some believe that he tried to force her to sleep with him and others say that he proposed to her. There is an Alcott story called “Anna´s whim”. There is a character…

People in an age-gap relationships complaining about a fictional character being in an age-gap relationship

Podcast Transcript Part 6

I am sure you listeners are starting to understand how deeply intertwined this problem about Friedrich´s looks is and in the end how silly these excuses are.

Louisa is often described as someone who had “masculine air around her”. When her fans saw her they were disappointed by the way she looked like, because they thought she would be young and pretty. Imagine what that makes to a person´s self-esteem and because Louisa looked very masculine, it would not have been that easy for her to find men who considered her attractive. …

What You Will Need

​In this watercolour tutorial, I will explain and show how I painted a rider in the night.

  • A4/ 8"x11" watercolor paper, Seawhite & Brighton (300 gsm)
  • Windsor & Newton watercolours
  • A few jars of water
  • Watercolour paintbrushes size 3, 6, and 8

I´ve had a soft spot for Estonian mythology and folktales for as long as I can remember. Essentially same thing that pulls me towards Estonian folktales pulls me towards all Finno-Baltic legends. Stories encourage people to examine their connection to nature and respect the invisible spirits that live around us. Here are some fascinating creatures from Estonian myths and legends.

Podcast Transcript Part 5

Here is a quote from Louisa´s diary from 1874. She has received a letter from May who has written about her married life.

“Happy letters from May, who is enjoying life as one can but once” Then with a sudden vision of her own lonely lot, she exclaims: “How different our lives are just now. I so lonely, and sick and she so happy and blest. She always had the cream of things and deserved it. My time is yet to come somewhere else when I am ready for it”.

Not only is she incredibly lonely…

What You´ll Need

​If you like dragons as much as I do, you are going to love making dragon eggs with this tutorial!

  • Styrofoam egg(s)
  • Box of pins
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Nail polish

Podcast Transcript Part 4

Gerwig said that Laurie is jo´s first feminist ally and that Laurie wants Jo to step into the adult world. When I got into this point of the interview I was like what is this imaginary book that she has read since none of that happens in the actual novel. When Laurie proposes Jo, he says that once they marry she doesn´t need to write and she has more important things to do like take care of him. He is a manchild. If anything Jo is the adult in that relationship and she is frustrated that…

Podcast Transcript Part 3

Henry´s Looks

​When I started to read Henry Thoreau biographies, there was something that made me 100 % convinced that Henry was the real life, Friedrich. It seemed that everyone in Concord had some kind of opinion how Henry looked like. The women who fancied him though he was handsome, the people who considered him more like an eccentric member of the town, though he looked funny. Some of his friends said that he looked a bit strange when they first met him but when they got to know him, he started to seem very pleasant.

When Friedrich…

There is a very compelling case to be made that Henry David Thoreau was the real-life Friedrich.

When I read Little Women part 2 for the first time there was something that always puzzled me in Friedrich´s last name. I speak German and Bhaer is not German. Bhaer doesn´t mean anything. Baer without “h” is an actual German last name and means a bear. For years I actually thought that Bhaer was a typo, but if it was a typo why no one hasn´t fixed it for the past 150 years? unless

..it was intentional

For the 1880 edition of…

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Illustrator, writer and a folklorist. Likes cats, tea and period dramas. Currently writing a book about Finnish mythology. A host of the Little Women Podcast.

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